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Ivoclar Vivadent Te-Econom Plus Composite Kit (Intro Pack)

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About this Product

  • Excellent physical properties.
  • Good polish ability.
  • Long Working time.
Product Description
Light-curing, radiopaque hybrid composite. Te-Econom Plus has excellent physical properties and great polishability that makes it suitable for use in both anterior and posterior restorations. The high radiopacity allows easy identification in x-rays. Te-Econom Plus has a long working time that helps the clinical perform the dental procedure efficiently. Eco-Etch etching gel is composed of 37% phosphoric acid, having optimal handling characteristics and good etching effect on enamel and dentin. Te-Econom Bond is one bottle, one layer adhesive to be used with the total-etch technique.  

  • Restorations of Classes I to V
  • Esthetic anterior restorations
  • Posterior restoration of stress-bearing areas.
  • Excellent physical properties.
  • Good polishability.
  • High radiopacity.
  • Long Working time.
  • Proven Ivoclar Vivadent technology and quality.
  • Excellent physical properties.
  • Good polishability.
  • High radiopacity.
  • Long Working time.
  • Wide range of shades for aesthetic matching.
  • Dental bonding agent for strong adhesion.
  • Phosphoric acid gel for enamel etching.
  • Options for pulp protection.
  • Easy handling and light-curing.
Dimethacrylate and TEGDMA (22 wt%)
The fillers include barium glass, ytterbium trifluoride, silicon dioxide and mixed oxide (76 wt% or 60 vol%).
Additives, initiators, stabilizers, and pigments are additional contents (2 wt%).
Storage temperature 2–28 °C (36–82 °F)
The particle size of the inorganic fillers is between 0.04 and 7 µm.
The mean particle size is 850 nm.

Shade Selection and Isolation:
  • Select the appropriate shade for the restoration.
  • Isolate the treatment area, preferably using a rubber dam, to ensure a clean and dry working environment.
Cavity Preparation and Cleaning:
  • Prepare the tooth cavity as required by the adhesive technique.
  • Clean the prepared cavity with a water spray and air dry it to achieve a dry surface.
Pulp Protection and Cement:
  • If needed, apply a pulp protector, such as calcium hydroxide, covering only areas close to the pulp.
  • Apply a pressure-resistant cement (e.g., Vivaglass Liner) if required.
Matrix and Wedge Placement:
  • Position a matrix (e.g., OptraMatrix) and an interdental wedge if necessary to establish the proper shape for the restoration.
Eco-Etch Application:
  • Apply Eco-Etch first on the enamel and then on the dentin.
  • Allow it to react for 30 seconds on enamel and 15 seconds on dentin.
  • Rinse thoroughly with a water spray and dry the tooth surfaces with oil-free compressed air. Avoid dehydrating the dentin.
Te-Econom Bond Application and Light Curing:
  • Apply a generous amount of Te-Econom Bond to both enamel and dentin using the provided applicator brush.
  • Gently brush the material into the dentin for 10 seconds.
  • Evaporate any remaining solvent with a slow stream of air.
  • Light cure the adhesive according to the recommended curing times, ensuring complete coverage.
Te-Econom Flow and Te-Econom Plus Application:
  • Apply Te-Econom Flow in layers of up to 2 mm and light cure according to the recommendations.
  • Apply Te-Econom Plus in layers of up to 2 mm and contour the material with suitable instruments (e.g., OptraSculpt).
  • Polymerize each layer individually according to the provided instructions.
8. Finishing and Polishing:
  • Finish the restoration with appropriate finishers or fine diamonds.
  • Check the occlusion.
  • Polish the restoration with silicone polishers (e.g., OptraPol Next Generation) for a smooth, aesthetically pleasing result.
Technical Details
Brand Ivoclar
Manufacturer Ivoclar
SKU DGIN21042-175
Item Model Number DGIN21042-175
Shipping Details
Item Height 10.00 cm
Item Width 14.00 cm
Item Length 18.00 cm
Item Weight 100.00 gram

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Do you have EMI options on heavy equipments or products?
Ans: Yes, EMI options are available. The minimum order amount varies across banks and same can be checked on payment page.

Que: Do you provide free shipping?
Ans: Yes, we provide free shipping through our membership plans. You can choose the plan on checkout page.

Que: Do you provide Cash on Delivery (COD)?
Ans: We do not provide cash on delivery (COD). We have partnered with industries leading payment gateway for safe and secure transactions.

Que: Do you deliver at my location?
Ans: Yes, we deliver the products PAN India.

Que: What is the estimated delivery date?
Ans: It usually takes 5-7 working days to deliver the product at your doorstep.

Que: What are the terms and conditions for returning the product?
Ans: The product seal should not be broken and properly packed before returning and bill should be there with the product.

Que: What is the expiry for the material?
Ans: Our products have a minimum one-year expiration date. The expiry that is shorter than this is regarded as a short expiry and you can return the same within 7 days of delivery.

Que: If I return or cancel the order, when will I get the refund?
Ans: In case of returned order, refunds are processed within 2 working days of receiving the product back and same will be transferred to your bank account or credit card within 3-5 days. Please note that amount will be refunded to the same account / credit card / wallet from where you originally made the payment.

Que: What is the dispatch time for any order?
Ans: Our dealers may take 24-48 hours to dispatch any order.

Que: Is bulk quantity order eligible for free shipping?
Ans: You can avail the free delivery through our membership plan only.

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Only 3 left in stock
Ivoclar Vivadent Te-Econom Plus Composite Kit (Intro Pack)



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