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Mediclus Any-seal RC 10gm (Sealer)

Estimate delivery time : 2-3 days

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Mediclus Any-seal RC 10gm (Sealer) (Expiry 04-09-2024) + Prime Etching Gel Dentganga Private Limited

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About this Product

• Cautions
1. For dental use only.
2.It is not used in patients with a history of rash and hypersensitivity to dermatitis.
3. This product is used only for oral tissue. Be careful not to get into your eyes.
4. If it contacts your skin or comes into eyes, wash it several times with clean water and consult a specialist if necessary
5. This product is prohibited for use other than its intended use.And the use of non-professionals is prohibited.
6. Observe the procedure and the precautions.
7. Keep it avray from a reach of non-dental users including children, senior citizen and other.
8. Do not use after expiration date.
9. There is a risk of product damage, so don't give excessive impact.
10. Use of this product other than components is prohibited.

• Storage
1. Please keep the syringe cap tightly when not using Any-Seal RC. 30С
2. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. (1-30°C)
3. Store in a cool place.

• Contents
[F 503-1 Any-Seal RC 10g x lea, Eco-tip. Mixing pad
C 503-2 Any-Seal RC mini 5g x lea, Eco-tip. Mixing pad

• Shelf-life
2 years from the date of manufacture

Product Description
• Indications
Permanent root canal sealing.

• Composition
-Epoxy oligomen/resin. 44%.
- Ethylene glycol salicylate 3%
- Zirconium oxide 45%
- Calcium phosphate 8%

• Application method
1. Before the application
- Check the expiration date and be cautious of the package
- Follow the instructions before using it.
- When the patient is ready before the procedure, remove the cap of this product counterclockwise and connect the included Eco-Tip. It helps base and catalyst not mix when discharged simultancously Alternatively, if you want to use the Auto mooing tip. turn it 90 degrees clockwise and tighten it tightly
- At this time, push the plunger of the dual syringe to squeeze an appropriate arount to match the 1:1 weight ratio.
- Be sure a protection device for the respiratory before the procedure.

2. Application
- Prior to the application of Any-Sco!.RC. thoroughty prepare and irrigote the root canal using standard endodontic techniques.
-Squeeze the appropriate amount of base and catalyst on the moring pad.
- Mix for 10-20 seconds until evenly hory colored. Auto mining tip does not go through a seporate moing process
(Working Time : 1hr., Setting time : 3,5 hr.)
- Put an appropriate arount in the root canal filing material and Insert it into the canal smoothly: (Gutta percha etc.J
- Avoid the formation of air bubbles and overfilling of the root
- Aradiograph can be taken to ensure an adequate apical seal.
- After use, clean the contents around the tip and store it using the included cop tightly. (Remove the used Auto meing tip and store it using a cap

• Contraindications
1. Do not use Any-Seal RC to a patient having allergy and inflammation against. Any-Seal RC and Epoxy based resin.
2. Reuse of the enclosed tip can cause cross-infection, so re-use of the tip is prohibited.

Technical Details
Brand Mediclus
Manufacturer Mediculs
SKU DGIN2401-17838
Item Model Number DGIN2401-17838
Shipping Details
Item Height 3.00 cm
Item Width 8.00 cm
Item Length 19.00 cm
Item Weight 100.00 gram

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Do you have EMI options on heavy equipments or products?
Ans: Yes, EMI options are available. The minimum order amount varies across banks and same can be checked on payment page.

Que: Do you provide free shipping?
Ans: Yes, we provide free shipping through our membership plans. You can choose the plan on checkout page.

Que: Do you provide Cash on Delivery (COD)?
Ans: We do provide Cash On Delivery (COD) on Prime Service Products.

Que: Do you deliver at my location?
Ans: Yes, we deliver the products PAN India.

Que: What is the estimated delivery date?
Ans: It usually takes 5-7 working days to deliver the product at your doorstep.

Que: What are the terms and conditions for returning the product?
Ans: The product seal should not be broken and properly packed before returning and bill should be there with the product.

Que: What is the expiry for the material?
Ans: Our products have a minimum one-year expiration date. The expiry that is shorter than this is regarded as a short expiry and you can return the same within 7 days of delivery.

Que: If I return or cancel the order, when will I get the refund?
Ans: In case of returned order, refunds are processed within 2 working days of receiving the product back and same will be transferred to your bank account or credit card within 3-5 days. Please note that amount will be refunded to the same account / credit card / wallet from where you originally made the payment.

Que: What is the dispatch time for any order?
Ans: Our dealers may take 24-48 hours to dispatch any order.

Que: Is bulk quantity order eligible for free shipping?
Ans: You can avail the free delivery through our membership plan only.

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Warranty: not available

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Only 12 left in stock
Mediclus Any-seal RC 10gm (Sealer)



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