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Angelus Reforpost Fiber Glass - Intraradicular Post Refill Size 1

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About this Product

  • Great retention
  • Allows radiographic visualization.
  • Easy removal
  • Easy to adapt.
  • Great mechanical properties
  • Lower risk of root fracture
  • less tissue removal in apical third of root canal
  • Saves clinical time and decreases lab costs.
  • Time and cost saving
Product Description
Angelus Reforpost fiber glass - Retentive shape, parallel intraradicular post with conical tip.
High retentiveness
The cylindrical, parallel shape and tapered apex of the Glass Fiber Reforpost make them very retentive. The additional circumferential mechanical retentions of the posts increase the area for adhesion of the cement.
Less wear on the tooth structure
The use of Glass Fiber Reforpost in combination with the techniques of adhesive cementation allows for a smaller removal of dental structure, without the need for removal of intraradicular or coronal retentive areas. The tapered apical portion of the post also provides for less wear of dentin in the apical region.

Identification colors
Better identification and agility in the work

Standardized for Largo burs.

  • Great retention
  • Allows radiographic visualization.
  • Easy removal
  • Easy to adapt.
  • Great mechanical properties
  • Lower risk of root fracture
  • less tissue removal in apical third of root canal
  • Saves clinical time and decreases lab costs.
  • Time and cost saving
  • The technique of making prosthesis with prefabricated Fiber/Metal posts allows for creation of the post/core in a single session, eliminating steps and laboratory costs.
Support of restorations and prosthesis

Technical info
  • Modulus of elasticity - 35-45 Gpa
  • Flexural strength - 1000MPa


1. Select the pin using the template and the periapical x-ray of the tooth
2. Remove some of the root canal filling with heated instruments to the predetermined depth. The use of drills can cause apical displacement of the gutta-percha. Allow at least 3 to 5 mm of filling at the root apex due to the presence of accessory canals, which must remain sealed to prevent bacterial contamination.
3. Prepare the canal with the drill corresponding to the diameter of the selected post


1. Position the pin to verify its adaptation. Make a mark on the pin 2 to 3 mm from the antagonist tooth – and cut it with a diamond bit at high rotation under cooling. Do not use scissors or pliers, because the laceration of the fibers changes the mechanical properties of the pin
2. Clean the post with alcohol and dry it
3. Apply a layer of silane (SILANO ANGELUS®) and let it dry for 1 minute
WARNING: It is not necessary to apply the silane on REFORPOST® CARBON FIBER
4. Apply the ANGELUS® FUSION-DURALINK® CATALYST to the post according to its instructions


1. Clean the canal with the air-water spray and dry it with air and absorbent paper points
2. Etch the canal with ANGELUS® 37% PHOSPHORIC ACID for 15 seconds
3. Wash again the canal and dry it with air and absorbent paper points Apply ANGELUS® FUSION-DURALINK® PRIMER in the canal and wait for 1 minute
4. Apply ANGELUS® FUSION-DURALINK® CATALYST according to the instructions. The adhesive components must not be mixed before application. They are polymerized chemically without light curing
5. Spatulate the resinous cement selected* and fill the conduit
6. Put the post in the canal, remove excess of the cement and wait for the polymerization. If the cement is dual, light cure it. Zinc phosphate and glass ionomer cements (conventional and resin-modified) can also be used, but their mechanical properties are inferior to those of the resin cements. Auto-adhesive cements eliminate the needs for the steps of acid conditioning and adhesive application


1. Do another etching with ANGELUS® 37% PHOSPHORIC ACID and apply an adhesive on the remaining tooth structures and post.
2. Build the crown core with composite resin, or with ANGELUS® REFORCORE®. REFORCORE® is a prefabricated glass fiber core, for the technique of direct cores


1. Fill the remaining spaces of the canal with ANGELUS® REFORPIN® accessory posts. The decrease in thickness of the cement and the better retention provided by REFORPIN® reduce the risk of post/core loosen

Store at dry place
Technical Details
Brand Angelus
Manufacturer Angelus
SKU DGIN23013908-15399
Item Model Number DGIN23013908-15399
Shipping Details
Item Height 10.00 cm
Item Width 5.00 cm
Item Length 10.00 cm
Item Weight 15.00 gram

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Do you have EMI options on heavy equipments or products?
Ans: Yes, EMI options are available. The minimum order amount varies across banks and same can be checked on payment page.

Que: Do you provide free shipping?
Ans: Yes, we provide free shipping through our membership plans. You can choose the plan on checkout page.

Que: Do you provide Cash on Delivery (COD)?
Ans: We do not provide cash on delivery (COD). We have partnered with industries leading payment gateway for safe and secure transactions.

Que: Do you deliver at my location?
Ans: Yes, we deliver the products PAN India.

Que: What is the estimated delivery date?
Ans: It usually takes 5-7 working days to deliver the product at your doorstep.

Que: What are the terms and conditions for returning the product?
Ans: The product seal should not be broken and properly packed before returning and bill should be there with the product.

Que: What is the expiry for the material?
Ans: Our products have a minimum one-year expiration date. The expiry that is shorter than this is regarded as a short expiry and you can return the same within 7 days of delivery.

Que: If I return or cancel the order, when will I get the refund?
Ans: In case of returned order, refunds are processed within 2 working days of receiving the product back and same will be transferred to your bank account or credit card within 3-5 days. Please note that amount will be refunded to the same account / credit card / wallet from where you originally made the payment.

Que: What is the dispatch time for any order?
Ans: Our dealers may take 24-48 hours to dispatch any order.

Que: Is bulk quantity order eligible for free shipping?
Ans: You can avail the free delivery through our membership plan only.

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Only 5 left in stock
Angelus Reforpost Fiber Glass - Intraradicular Post Refill Size 1



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